Friday, March 7, 2008

A Trip to Austin...

Our first big trip since coming back from China and we had a great time. The idea of sitting on a plane again wasn't that appealing to me but the girls were amazing and the flights smooth. Even when we were delayed and it took us 15 hours to get home (yes, 15 hours from Texas to Florida) the girls were such troopers.

I have been wanting to visit Austin. Whenever I saw it on the travel channel or read about it in a magazine it seemed so hip and bohemian. It was a very cool city. We weren't able to take in any of the rich music scene which they are so well known. Life is different when you have children and unless it was Dan Zanes in concert we are sitting out the nightlife. The city is filled with great parks, trails and family fun stuff. And did I mention the shops... I was in heaven in Anthropologie with a sleeping Ella in the stroller while Daddy and Jetty were next door at R.E.I. checking out the climbing shoes. I fell in love with the Children's museum and the Nature Center.

Speaking of wonderful stores... Our real reason for the trip was to visit Doug's Aunt and Uncle. We felt so loved and welcomed and we were sad to leave them. Jetty cried when we left and said that she wanted to stay in Texas forever. Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jim will have that effect on you. They own and amazing store called
Mi Casa Gallery. It is truly more like a museum then a store. We are so blessed to have such an amazing and loving family.

Another highlight of the trip is that we were even able to meet up with two other families that were in our first travel group to China. It was so wonderful to see them and the beautiful girls. It is amazing the bond that you have with other families in your travel group. Becoming a family together is an amazing connection to have with one another.


Lisa~~ said...

Looks and sounds like a great trip. Meeting up with family and friends is always a good thing.

Autumn and Baba said...

what great pics! Ella's looking so cute and seems to be growing up so fast!
Austin is a great city and sounds like you really enjoying the time you had there.
glad to know things are going well!

todd, gwyn, and autumn rose