Friday, November 13, 2009

Wiped Out

Jetty has not been herself since the Flu. She is just wiped out. I am wondering if she is having a relapse of Mono? The other day when I was in the studio Doug took a photo of her after she fell asleep in this small box. Poor little thing. As for her tests...the MRI needs to be redone in a year or two to see if there are any changes in some lesions on the white matter. They aren't concerned and it is something that people with migranes usually have on their scans. Now we need to re-do the bloodwork again and see if she still has a positive ANA and we have started a headache journal to try to find her triggers.

My Super Heroes

Jetty finally decided that she wanted to be a Super Recycle Girl for Halloween. Ella also loved this idea and the "Super Recycle Girls" were born. What a difference a year makes in the excitement of Halloween. Little timid Ella was so excited to dress-up (she has always refused)and walked up to the houses like such a big girl. The costumes were so much fun to make with the help of this etsy video. Their boots, belts, and bracelets were all sewn with fused plastic bags. So much fun to do!

This is the 4th year we have been lucky enough to trick or treat with a group friends. There was about 15 families and it was so much fun. One of the houses had an old dog who looked like Hudson. Ella walked right in their house and past the man handing out candy. Doug called to her from the doorway as he watched her walk straight to the dog and pet him as he laid on the floor. She told us she wanted to pet the dog to remember Hudson. It brings tears to my eyes. She is such a sweet little animal lover.