Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have a new necklace design and thought I would like to give one away. Just leave a comment with you e-mail and you will be entered for a personalized ceramic necklace with either a favorite word or your child/children's name(s).

Since I would also like some followers of my Blog...I will also be giving away two more necklaces to two of my followers after the contest is over. I know I have some wonderful friends who follow my blog and would love to give them a little something every now and then. So if you become a follower expect more give-aways...

The give-away will end on May 5th. Good-luck.

Jetty Update

Thank you for all the nice e-mails and comments about Jet. The Dr. visit went great and I really like him. He doesn't think it is anything real serious but a series of problems. The joint pain she complains about(her knees, hips and neck)is probably because she is double jointed. We new she was flexible but I just never paid attention how her joints hyper-extend. It was actually really creepy when the Dr. showed me how her knee can move sideways. He said about 15% of kids with this have pain so she is one of the unlucky few:( Her ligaments are all loose and will never tighten so it is important to build up muscle and limit jumping. So much for that trampoline we planned on getting her this summer. He also thinks she has chronic sinusitis that is causing the fevers and her being sick so often. Even though I think it is very strange that she has had a fever every 29-30 days for the last 9 months except for two months when she had her fevers 14 and 16 days with add up to
30. It is very weird but the Dr. is being really thorough and we will see what shows up with the blood work and go from there. She has a CAT scan tomorrow to check the brain and sinus cavity and a bunch of blood work. I happen to be due for my 6 month blood work with my endocrinologist so I figure we will do the blood work together in the morning and hope that helps Jetty get through the fear. Who am I kidding? It might be more traumatic if she watches me get the needle first. Hopefully if will be pretty smooth.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Sick Little Thing

Poor sweet little Jetty is having some trouble with fevers again. The fever finally stopped yesterday after five days. She is such a trooper even with high fevers. The girls and I were out in the studio, I was sewing some skirts and they were painting beads, and Jetty said she was cold. She then stopped painting climbed up into a chair with a blanket. Ella climbed right up with her because she likes to be next to Jetty. I knew this was unusual with my "Hot Babies" and went inside to get the thermometer. Her fever was 104! It fluctuated up to 104 for 5 days and just finally went away.

The worst part about this is this isn't a one time thing. These started after out second trip to China two and a half years ago. She was getting 106 fevers every 23-28 days. They did some blood work and x-rays and the only thing that showed up was a low white cell count. The fevers seemed to stop for a few months and then she started VPK and seemed to be sick all the time. I just chalked it up to starting school and stopped keeping track. Well,I started keeping track again 5 months ago and they are definitely cyclical. Now the fevers are every 29-30 days and sometimes she comes down with symptoms and sometimes not.

We went to our Primary Doctor and they set us up with a specialist on Tuesday. He specializes in Pediatric infectious disease, immunology and rheumatologist. This seems perfect because it is all the things that need to be checked. Please keep her in you prayers that it is something simple. I feel sure that it is I just hope we are able to figure it out soon without too many tests. If anyone has had the same experience feel free to contact me with any information on the causes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Visit with Friends

Right before Easter we were lucky enough to have some friends come and visit from the other coast of Florida. I blogged about their visit last year and what a connection we have. Not only are Jetty and Zoe from the same place in China but we traveled together to become a family. Not only are we connected by adoption but true friendship.We are blessed to have them in our lives and have such a great time when we are all together. Lisa, Larry and Zoe we will be coming over for a stay this summer:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter with family and friends.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg Art Shirt

The other day the girls asked me to make them an Easter shirt. Instead we came up with an idea for the girls to help create their own shirt. It is really simple and the girls are very proud of their new shirts.
Fusible web
plain t-shirt
thread and needle
fabric paint
buttons or beads

Iron on fusible web to about a 1'X 1' piece of muslin. Iron the textured side down on top of the muslin. I prefer the paperbacked web so you are able to draw shapes and cut out with the paper still attached. With a pen draw one or two eggs per shirt on the paper side and cut out. place some different colors of fabric paint on a palette and let the kids paint their own eggs on the muslin side. When fabric paint is dry, peel off the paper back and iron in place on the shirt. The iron will not glide over the egg because of the fabric paint so just press the iron up and down until the egg sticks to the t-shirt. Then either hand-stitch or sew around each egg on the machine.(NOTE: the fabric paint made it difficult to sew if there were globs of paint. If you have a walking foot it works great or just use a straight stitch on the machine. When I used the zigzag it became wobbly when the foot stuck on the dried paint.) I then embellished the eggs with some buttons and beads. Have fun!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I have always admired the little bentos that parents put together for lunches for their little ones. Here is a cute give-away from Maisie's Mom, Lisa, for a start-up bentos kit.