Friday, October 9, 2009

The Flu and Should I be Concerned...

We have been stuck in the house for the week with the flu. Jetty was diagnosed last Saturday and started Tamiflu but they are now treating her for pneumonia(we are still waiting for x-ray results). She is doing much better with no fever in two days but she is so tired. She fell asleep last night at 5 woke up for dinner and fell back to sleep until 8 this morning. Doug came down with it a few days ago but is now starting to feel better. I had a sore throat so I started taking Tamiflu and it hasn't gotten any worse. Ella seems to have the best immune system of any little kid because she is still hanging in healthy. Hopefully we will be all back to normal next week but I am so grateful it wasn't any worse.

On another note...this is written on the utility pole that faces our house. Why would you write "I love the man on the bike?". Should I be concerned? HaHA