Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Like Mama

Jetty has taken over my favorite little mug. I don't mind and I think it is adorable. I found the mug at a thrift shop and it reminds me of all the Owls and Mushrooms that decorated our house in the 70's. Oh, how I loved those Owls and when I found this mug it reminded me of my lovely Mom. Jetty likes to pretend she is lounging and drinking coffee just like Mama. Mornings are our lounging time when we sit on the couch for about 20-30 minutes and the girls cuddle with Mama and Daddy. I know we won't have this luxury when she starts school in a few weeks so I will cherish it while it lasts.

Birthday Party for Bear

We seem to have a birthday party for Bear at least once a week. Jetty made special crowns for the Bears to wear and we sing "Happy Birthday". The best part is that the birthday cake is always sliced bananas with two candles stuck in the top. I wonder how long I will be able to get away with the fruit instead of cake?

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Jetty has been enjoying writing out labels. She writes words on paper, cuts them out, and tapes them on the proper item. She was apparently tired of waiting for her slacker Mom(Me) to label items around the house to help with reading.
Notice the label on the hat.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A visit with new friends

Jetty and Ana Claire playing at the beach.

Two weeks ago we were lucky enough to meet another family that was on vacation in our little beach town. I actually met the other Mommy through her blog. They have two lovely teenager boys, Jetty was very smitten with the oldest, and a beautiful daughter from China. It is so nice when you have a instant connection such as adoption but even better when that connection goes even deeper. Lisa is one of those women that I know I would be friends with even without the adoption connection and I am grateful that link brought us together. The girls and I were able to meet them at the beach twice and they were able to come to our house for a bit. Lisa, we can't wait for your next visit to see your family:)

The girls had a wonderful time and Jetty keeps asking for sweet Ana Claire. Unfortunately, Doug was not able to join us because he was out of commission. I mean really out of commission...Doug's back went out at work Sunday and he was sent home. The girls and I went to a baby shower and left Daddy resting safely on the couch. Well a couple hours later I get a call from Doug saying he can't get off the garage floor and he had been there an hour. I raced home and his brother was there and we couldn't get him off the floor. I ended up having to call 911 and they rolled him on a scoop and off to the hospital. After being in the emergency room for 6 hours and putting a load of drugs in him I was able to take him home. By the time we left his respiration's were 10 and his blood pressure 89/45. I mean a LOAD of drugs. He was not able to even sit up for 3 days. I am happy to say he was cleared for work last week and is even back on his bike.