Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A New Car

You know how things don't always turn out like you plan. I planned on keeping my mini-van for at least another year but it seems that the van had another idea. I know that a mini-van is ideal for a family but I was really getting bored with driving a mini-van and I needed (okay, wanted) something a little more hip. Doug soon convinced me that a Mini or Volkswagen bug convertible might not be big enough so I started to look at SUVs. I never realized how small SUVs seem inside. I guess anything is small after a van.
Doug and I always liked the Element but I wasn't completely sold on the idea. I know the Element is one of those vehicles you either love or hate. I have always liked the way they look. But then again, I have always liked boxy vehicles. My friend in high school had the coolest 1970s boxy orange Volvo. He did break down often but I thought it was the coolest car.
Well, I now have my own boxy orange car and I love it. Next to the Mini van it was the most kid friendly vehicle I could find. You can mop the floor, and vacuuming up beach sand is so easy. Another plus is that it came with a good sound system. We are usually rocking out to Dan Zanes and Father Goose but on the rare occasion there are no children in the car I have been enjoying some of my music. I finally deleted some of the kids music on my MP3 and started adding some new music for me. I love some of the kids music out there but I had over a 100 kids songs on my MP3. I couldn't tell you the name of all the kids songs but I bet I know all the lyrics:)