Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally...a post

We have had a very busy month and it seems that I have gotten lost and just found my way back to the computer. It has been a very fun and eventful month but the truth is Ella really doesn't like her Mama on the computer. Have no fear....I will catch up all the posts and photos in the next few days. Here is a quick recap with more details to come....
A trip to Austin
A new car
The start of the new cycling season and Daddy's first race
Sweet Valentine tea party
Art Shows
Ella's climb up the 8 ft rock wall


Lisa~~ said...

You are such a tease with the list, can't wait to hear all about everything and see piccies. Hope you are all well. Hugs.

Autumn and Baba said...

whoa! welcome back to your blog. hehe!
sounds like you all have had a busy busy but fun time! can't wait to hear more. :)