Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring is in the air

We have fully embraced spring and all the lovely pastels, birds, and chocolate candies that come along with the season. The girls have already enjoyed two Easter egg hunts and the big one is coming up on Easter at Grandma's and Papa's. Last Saturday we enjoyed time at the park and an Easter egg hunt with one of the local Families with Children from China and then Wednesday we had a great time at Caroline's and David's for yet another wonderful hunt and party. Elizabeth, Caroline's and David's Mommy always does such a great Easter hunt for our playgroup. I am not able to go the playgroup as often as I would like and I just love the time spent with a group of wonderful Moms.

The little birds scampering around the yard for bits of dog hair for nests has really entertained the girls. We watched a little finch picking up dog hair at the sliding glass while we were eating dinner last night. After dinner Doug brushed Hudson and put the big pile of hair on the back patio. The girls have watched the little finches come back throughout the day until the pile was gone. Now we have to be detectives in the back yard and try to find the nests.

Jetty also wanted to do some baking so we made little birds nest to bring to her class today. It worked out double good for us because the letter of the week was E. Not only was it a little Easter treat to share but it was also a show-n-tell Egg for E. Ella loves helping in the kitchen but I have quickly learned to have a separate little bowl because she eats most of the ingredients. As you can tell from the photos she was enjoying the chocolate.

On another note.... I was lucky enough to meet a fellow blogger and adoptive parent last year. They are in the process of adopting another beautiful daughter. Both of their daughters were waiting children and will need significant medical intervention for the rest of their life. They are an amazing family and I so admire what they are doing and the love that they are sharing. They are doing some different fund raisers right now so if you would check out their blog that would be great.

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