Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our Fearless Rock Climber

Jetty always wants an adventure. She has been asking to go rock climbing and we decided to take her to a rock climbing gym.

Jetty is truly the extreme adventurer. No rock wall would be high enough for her. We would be in a store and Jetty would stare at the high rafters and tell me she wants to be up there. The higher the better.

Unfortunately, our little peanut didn't weigh enough to be on belay but she was able to boulder just above the painted line and crash on to the crash pad. She had a great time and we promised her that when she reaches 40 pounds we will go back so she can be on belay and climb to the top. She has gained 2 pounds in almost 2 years so I think it will be awhile. Daddy will probably build one attached to her play set. Ella enjoyed running around and jumping on the crash pads. I am sure she will be climbing in no time. Whatever her big sister is doing she wants to join in on the action.

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