Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is it Jetty or Lisa Loeb?????

Jetty has moved on from her love of Laurie Berkner to Lisa Loeb. Mommy and Daddy are both very grateful. Daddy doesn't mind at all watching the "Jenny Jenkins" video. Wink;)Wink;) I personally think she has great style and very cool glasses. Jetty has since decided that she wanted glasses. She started out saying she wanted glasses like Mommy's but then the truth came out. She really wanted to look like Lisa Loeb. She also wants to sing on stage with her. Do any of you have any connections out there?
I am a very lucky Mama of two very stylish looking rock stars. The girls just love the "Catch the Moon" video with Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell. Ella reaches up to the sky to try and catch the moon.

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Heather said...

Odd... Mario also doesn't mind having the Lisa Loeb video play over and over. I wonder why. LOL!