Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg Art Shirt

The other day the girls asked me to make them an Easter shirt. Instead we came up with an idea for the girls to help create their own shirt. It is really simple and the girls are very proud of their new shirts.
Fusible web
plain t-shirt
thread and needle
fabric paint
buttons or beads

Iron on fusible web to about a 1'X 1' piece of muslin. Iron the textured side down on top of the muslin. I prefer the paperbacked web so you are able to draw shapes and cut out with the paper still attached. With a pen draw one or two eggs per shirt on the paper side and cut out. place some different colors of fabric paint on a palette and let the kids paint their own eggs on the muslin side. When fabric paint is dry, peel off the paper back and iron in place on the shirt. The iron will not glide over the egg because of the fabric paint so just press the iron up and down until the egg sticks to the t-shirt. Then either hand-stitch or sew around each egg on the machine.(NOTE: the fabric paint made it difficult to sew if there were globs of paint. If you have a walking foot it works great or just use a straight stitch on the machine. When I used the zigzag it became wobbly when the foot stuck on the dried paint.) I then embellished the eggs with some buttons and beads. Have fun!


Lisa~~ said...

You always do such fun and creative projects, very cute...both the shirts and the girls.

Autumn and Baba said...

wonderful job girls!!!!
happy Easter and hope the family is still doing great!
take care!

p.s. our little spicy ChongQing girls are just the most beautiful things in the world aren't they?!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

And they look great in them too...
You will need to head down here to Sebastian Inlet one day for a swim with the girls and we can meet up... Life is so crazy of late... still think about meeting up one day... take care

Lisa said...

Very cute! Happy Easter. I am going to try to call you this week. We have had alot going on. I think we are coming down in June. Still wanna go to the spa? ;)