Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jetty Update

Thank you for all the nice e-mails and comments about Jet. The Dr. visit went great and I really like him. He doesn't think it is anything real serious but a series of problems. The joint pain she complains about(her knees, hips and neck)is probably because she is double jointed. We new she was flexible but I just never paid attention how her joints hyper-extend. It was actually really creepy when the Dr. showed me how her knee can move sideways. He said about 15% of kids with this have pain so she is one of the unlucky few:( Her ligaments are all loose and will never tighten so it is important to build up muscle and limit jumping. So much for that trampoline we planned on getting her this summer. He also thinks she has chronic sinusitis that is causing the fevers and her being sick so often. Even though I think it is very strange that she has had a fever every 29-30 days for the last 9 months except for two months when she had her fevers 14 and 16 days with add up to
30. It is very weird but the Dr. is being really thorough and we will see what shows up with the blood work and go from there. She has a CAT scan tomorrow to check the brain and sinus cavity and a bunch of blood work. I happen to be due for my 6 month blood work with my endocrinologist so I figure we will do the blood work together in the morning and hope that helps Jetty get through the fear. Who am I kidding? It might be more traumatic if she watches me get the needle first. Hopefully if will be pretty smooth.


Tamara said...

Ask your Dr. for Emla cream. It is a topical cream- it will numb the area. I use it for Gray for her yearly blood work. I hope this will help.
I'm happy that he does not think it is anything serious.
Keeping her in our prayers.

Lisa said...

Hey, I will be praying for her. We have been going to the dr with AC since Dec. Just finished with the endocrinologists testing and results. We have to go back in August.