Monday, August 2, 2010

Long time away...

I never expected to be away from blogland for this long. School happened, summer happened, sick children happened. I am happy to be back and with lots of new things going on in our life.
Jetty started a new school after spring break. The public school wasn't working out for us and it was sad because I really wanted to support the public school system. In the end I gave it a year and a half and I knew it wasn't the right thing for our family. We are lucky enough to have a charter school just outside of town. We decided to give it a try and I had it set in my mind that if it didn't work we were going to homeschool. Well, I am happy to say that the charter school has been wonderful and a very different experience then the public school.
I was also offered the job of art teacher for the school at the end of the school year. I wasn't planning on returning to work but I do miss teaching and love the idea of being at my child's school. Since I haven't taught in 6 years I had to take two college courses to renew my teaching certificate. I was a little overwhelmed with two 14 week online courses condensed to 6 weeks. That is one reason I haven't even wanted to open up my laptop. I needed a break from the computer and all technology. We have been spending lots of family time traveling and on the water. It has been a great summer.
I am happy to say that all my requirements are behind me and I will only be teaching two days a week which is ideal for my family and I am so excited to be in the classroom once again.

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Lisa~~ said...

Welcome back and it's great to hear that things are going well. Hope that you all have a wonderful school year.