Friday, November 13, 2009

Wiped Out

Jetty has not been herself since the Flu. She is just wiped out. I am wondering if she is having a relapse of Mono? The other day when I was in the studio Doug took a photo of her after she fell asleep in this small box. Poor little thing. As for her tests...the MRI needs to be redone in a year or two to see if there are any changes in some lesions on the white matter. They aren't concerned and it is something that people with migranes usually have on their scans. Now we need to re-do the bloodwork again and see if she still has a positive ANA and we have started a headache journal to try to find her triggers.


Lisa~~ said...

Hope that Jetty gets her strength back and is feeling better soon.

Love their Halloween costumes, good to hear that they had fun.

Tamara said...

The flu wiped Goose out for a while- she still doesn't eat as well as she did pre-flu.
Hope she is feeling better soon!