Friday, June 26, 2009

New Family Member

Last night before Doug went to sleep I said "By the way, I know we don't want to get a puppy right now but there are Bull Mastiff puppies for sale in the classified". Doug said "you really should go and check them out with the girls and send me some photos at work." The next thing I know I am calling him at work and telling him they only have one girl left and she is very sweet. We have wanted another dog after we lost sweet Hudson and had pretty much decided on a Mastiff. Needless to say, the little girl puppy is sitting at my feet being adorable.The girls have named her Rose.


Tamara said...

We just got a new puppy as well- but we got a mini dachshund. Just talking about maybe getting a puppy- and then found one that was to sweet to pass up.
Whats the new puppy's name??

Lisa~~ said...

Oh sweet, congrats & enjoy.