Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Day of School

We are so excited that Jetty's last day of school was a little over a week ago. We already had some wonderful visitors. Lisa and Maisie we all had so much fun:) I didn't sign up Jetty for any summer camps because we are going to take advantage of as much family time as possible.

The photos are from her last day at school and the awards ceremony. Jetty received an award for reading, music and another for P.E. She was very excited and all the little ones receiving their awards were so proud.

Jetty also showed her braveness with another round of blood work this week and a CAT scan. She went right into the cat scan all by herself and didn't shed a tear with the blood work. I was so proud and hope it will be the last and they have an answer for us soon.


Lisa~~ said...

Poor Jetty with the blood work and tests, hope that you get some answers soon. Thanks for a great time during our visit. You know that Maisie didn't want to leave and honestly, neither did I.

Funny story today, we were in traffic and Maisie asked where Mr. Doug was going and I just didn't get what she was asking. I first thought about a Doug that we know locally but then I spotted the orange Element and had to explain that other people have cool orange cars too!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hope Jetty doesn't have to go through to much more... sounds like you all had a great time... take care