Monday, February 23, 2009

Swimming in snot...finally coming up for air

I am so behind on posts. Our family has been sick for weeks. I have been lucky enough to have stayed healthy. It started with a stomach thing and since then strep, double ear infections and a nasty respiratory illness. Our Doctor looked at me the last time I brought Doug and the girls in the office and said "it will be a miracle you don't get this thing." She knows we have a family bed and both girls want to just about crawl on top of me. It is really pleasant when sweet little Ella has her arm around my neck and starts that horrible wet cough. My immune system must be great from all those years of teaching. Doug, on the other hand, seems to get sick whenever the girls are infected. Besides a little snot I think they are all almost healthy.

The weekend was great with fevers finally gone and able to get out of the house. Saturday we watched Daddy in a road race and Sunday I was in an art show and met some wonderful people. I am feeling very inspired this week and looking forward to some new adventures. The one thing that I was sad to miss was the video below. (Update: I can't seem to get the video to load but I will work on it tomorrow.)Doug took the girls to Sundays race and there was a kids race. Have you ever seen anything so cute?

Jetty is able to ride without training wheels but since I wasn't there to watch Ella they were put back on for the race. Doug is holding Ella and running alongside Jetty. Check out how cool Jetty's bike is... someone gave us this 1982 Schwinn Pixie and it is in excellent shape. She calls it her "Pinkxie".


Lisa~~ said...

How fun! The race not the snot. Glad that you stayed healthy and that everyone else is doing better.

Tamara said...

Yeah Jetty!!!!!!! Hope you are all feeling better. We have been fighting the snotty noses- but thankfully nothing else.
She did amazing!