Friday, February 6, 2009


Two things you might notice from the photo... 1. cycling race season began last weekend and 2. I am married to a 43 year old who thinks he is 18. Actually no. 2 is one of the many things I love about my husband. He had his first race of the season last weekend. I decided to take the girls to a local art show and I was waiting to hear from him all day. When I finally got a call he told me he had crashed during the race. Being the loving wife that I am the first thing out of my mouth was "is the bike okay?" All I was thinking was skin and bones heal but a carbon frame can't be repaired. Looking back on the conversation, maybe I should have asked if he was okay first. He was fine besides a little road rash. Okay, so the little road rash is worse then it appears in the photos. It actually looks much worse after three days and the photo doesn't show the rest on his hip and bum. I am grateful that he was okay and the girls and I will be going to his race this weekend in downtown Gainesville.

I will be doing another give-away at the beginning of the week. I am sorry I haven't been better about posting this week. I am trying to get ready for two art shows and we have had some sickness in our household. Have a great weekend.


Lisa~~ said...

Ouch is right, ewww too! Hope that the sickness and D's injuries are short lived.

Tamara said...

Hope he is feeling better. It looks bad- and I know road rash hurts worse than it looks sometimes.