Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pretty Little Pots

These are some of the little pots the girls made for Christmas gifts. I ended up keeping these for myself because I love the way the colors all looked together. It is a simple clay technique to teach kids and they are so proud of the outcome. Air-dry clay would work fine and then could be painted with acrylic paint. If you have any access to a kiln the glazes really make the pots beautiful.
Pinch Pot directions:
1. Make the clay into a ball ( about 1/2 dollar size for little hands)
2. Stick your thumb into the middle of the ball (visualize little Black Horner with his plum)
3. While keeping the thumb in the clay, start to thin out the sides by pushing the outside of the ball with your four fingers.
4. Continue around the entire ball to make the sides even.
5. Gently pat the bottom of the pot on the table to flatten out a bottom.

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh those pots are so precious...