Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Little Bit of Nothing

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We are just enjoying doing a little bit of nothing. Ignoring the to-do list and just spending time with each other. Jetty goes back to school on Monday and I miss her already. I like our spontaneous days of not setting the alarm and just waking, cuddling and playing together. Our house is begging for a little cleaning to be done and the Christmas tree to come down. Tomorrow will be a day of hiking and a canoe trip and Monday will be a day of cleaning, organizing and refreshing the to-do list. I hope to get the studio organized this week and I plan on posting another give-away this week.
I want to Thank everyone for their nice comments about Hudson. Murphy is getting lots of love from us and is enjoying cuddling on the couch with me after the girls go to sleep. We even bought her an extra bed for our room so she can sleep next to our bed. So much for the bedroom being pet free. The girls still talk about Hudson everyday. The other day Jetty pretended to call Heaven on her play phone and said to us that God said Hudson was doing good and he was throwing the ball for him. Kids are so much more resilient then we think.

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