Monday, September 1, 2008

First Week of School

It is actually the 2nd week of school but the first week was pretty non-existent because of Fay. School was canceled for 4 days so this really feels like the first week. Jetty is LOVING school and really missed not having school this weekend. I heard all weekend about how she was so excited to go to school on Tuesday. This is encouraging me that we made the right choice to send her to school. She is my social butterfly and really loves meeting people. My little girl is growing up!

On the other hand, she can now list off the characters from Sponge Bob Square pants. All my friends that know me are now smiling because they know how we are about those type of influences. The girls have never even seen a movie. No full length Disney cartoons or Pixar movies. Yeah they do watch TV some days, Charlie and Lola, Zoboomafoo, Winnie-the-Pooh and Jack's Big Music Show. Heck, that electronic babysitter is great when I need to make dinner and it often keeps me sane. I also know that lots of the shows can be very educational but we are very selective. I am a visual person and the girls are sensitive so being selective has just been the right choice for our family. I know that she is going to learn all sorts of things in school even some things that I don't want her to learn. Hopefully she won't come home one day singing Hannah Montana songs, my head might explode.


Beverly said...

yes mine learned of sponge bob against my wishes at school too.

Lisa~~ said...

Oh please I can't imagine what Maisie will be exposed to because like you we don't show Maisie movies or many cartoons so she doesn't know who any of the characters are. Home schooling sounds better and better.