Wednesday, September 3, 2008


5 weeks ago I was privileged enough to be the birthing coach to one of my sweet best friends. Actually, Cindy is my oldest childhood friend. I have know her since I was 7 and I cherish our friendship. I have been blessed to have some wonderful childhood friends whom are still very close. Those special relationships that you may not see each other for a few months but it never feels that way. Cindy and I have gone through times in our lives when we were on different paths but we always stayed close. Now we are both on the same path of parenthood. Cindy always wanted to be a Mom and made the decision to become a single parent. I was lucky enough to be with her from her first appointment and was privileged when she asked me to be her birth partner.

After the first Lamaze class, Doug asked if it would upset me and would I long for my own birth experience. It would have bothered me before our girls but I was really okay with the situation. Heck, I was more then okay. I had no burning desire to have that experience anymore and I was so grateful to experience it through my friend. Thank you Cindy for letting me be part of the birth of your family, beautiful Emerson Cole, you are going to be an amazing Mom.

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