Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Like Mama

Jetty has taken over my favorite little mug. I don't mind and I think it is adorable. I found the mug at a thrift shop and it reminds me of all the Owls and Mushrooms that decorated our house in the 70's. Oh, how I loved those Owls and when I found this mug it reminded me of my lovely Mom. Jetty likes to pretend she is lounging and drinking coffee just like Mama. Mornings are our lounging time when we sit on the couch for about 20-30 minutes and the girls cuddle with Mama and Daddy. I know we won't have this luxury when she starts school in a few weeks so I will cherish it while it lasts.


Lisa said...

So cute. It is hard to believe that school will be starting in a few weeks.
We had owls in our home growing up too. ;)My mom loved them.

Autumn and Baba said...

way too cute!

hope you all are doing well. It's so wonderful to see the girls...especially Ella, enjoying their summer together with you guys. :)

take care~