Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Day Sailing

The other weekend we spent our first full day out on "Ping" this season. We went out all day a couple of times last year but Ella really wasn't ready for such an adventure. I am happy to say that she loves the boat now and we are so looking forward to using it this summer. The title should really say cruising and not sailing because we didn't raise the sails but we were still out on the water.

We cruised up to the island at the inlet and met some friends with their boats. The kids had a great time and I am so excited to spend lots more weekends like that this summer. Last year we didn't have a motor for our dingy so I am sure we were quite a sight trying to paddle against the current to get to the island. I am happy to say that we have a motor and getting to the island from where the boat was anchored was a breeze. Doug even taught Jetty how to steer the dingy and she was doing a great job. I still have a hard time with the tiller steering.

Today we are off to try to catch some fish from the dock and do a little kayaking. I sure hope the fish are biting because the $ of grouper is ridiculous.

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