Monday, April 14, 2008

Cooking, Beach, and Boats

Some weekends seem to be non-stop with activities. This weekend was no exception and a lot of fun. Saturday morning Daddy had a bike race and the girls and I started our day out at kids cooking class. The class was great and the chef was so nice but poor Jetty was allergic to one ingredient in every recipe. The sweet people at the cooking class helped me make a little changes in the recipe so Jetty could cook. The dip had peanut butter, the pitas had tuna fish and the shake had soy,pineapple and citrus(which she is allergic to all those ingredients). I let her have the hummus but I knew it probably had lemon and soon enough poor little Jetty had hives. She is such a trooper and had a great time. I hope she grows out of these allergies. Big Thanks to Grandma for setting us up in the class and we hope to get to do it again.

Daddy and the girls and I arrived home about the same time and decided to go to the beach. The beach was a madhouse. We went at 3 thinking that most people would be heading out. We were so wrong. After finally finding a parking spot and walking down the boardwalk I looked at Doug and said "I just had a flashback to Jaws" and he said "I was about to say the same thing". The scene was just like the movie with people everywhere and a radio playing. The water was murky enough for some sharks to mistaken a foot or two. These images didn't deter us and we enjoyed playing in the freezing water with the girls and digging a big hole for a little pool for the girls. A giant sandbox with water...could you think of anything better as a child.

After the beach we went to downtown for the classic car show that they have once a month. Jetty loved picking out the yellow cars(her new favorite color). My daughter has some good taste in cars and seemed to pick out the most pricey as her favorite. A couple of times she picked out some horrible car from the 80's which made me question her taste. 80's cars at a Classic car show??

Daddy has been working hard on our sailboat this week. We had to pull her out of the water for new bottom paint. Sunday morning we went to the marina where the boat is because Jetty wanted to see her out of the water. There is also a diner right there so we had breakfast. It is one of those local places that is hard to find. Very rustic old Florida charm. In other words a dive. Doug should be done with Ping by Tuesday and he can bring her back to the dock. Ping was the name the boat had when we bought her. What a great coincidence to find a boat named after a Chinese story.

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Lisa~~ said...

Sounds like life is keeping you all busy, busy, busy! Love all the piccies, it's fun to see the girls. We're heading down later this week to Fort Lauderdale for a couple of days of hopefully sun and beach and to get us away from the deluge of pollen that is driving us crazy. Hopefully though we will be down to Florida again this summer and we can hook up.