Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to the Beach... and Oh Susanna..

Even though we have been enjoying the sand at the beach for the last month we actually ventured into the water yesterday. It was freezing but the girls had a great time. Ella is in her element at the beach and walks away from me easily and plays in the sand. She is usually wrapping herself around me like a little monkey or holding on to my hand. Watching her confidence at the beach is such a wonderful thing to see. It was like a little vacation and my friend Elizabeth and I kept saying what a great place we live in and vowed to meet with the kids at least once a week. I can't believe I didn't take any photos but I will try to on the next beach visit.

Ella has always been a little singer. She is a girl of few words but there is always a song right on the edge of her tongue. Lately, the song of the hour is "OH Susanna". Did I say hour, I meant the song of the minute. She sings it all day long "OH nunana, cry me" usually with some item in her hand for a microphone. I finally got some video in which her microphone is a flower.


Lisa~~ said...

Oh what fun, very cute singing.

Autumn and Baba said...

I can't think of much to say but "How cute is that!?" I watched that a half dozen times and can't wait to show Gwyn and especially Autumn!