Saturday, December 29, 2007


"Joy " would be the best way to describe this Christmas. The only thing that could have made it better was if Daddy wasn't working:( We celebrated on the 23rd with Doug's family and had a great time with Grandma Dorothy, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Libby, Aunt LeAnn, KayLee and Jimmy. The girls loved running around the backyard at night and swinging with Jimmy.

Since Doug was working Christmas day, we had our celebration and Santa visit Christmas eve. I made Thai food and Aunt Cindy came over to help us celebrate. Good food, a good friend and lots of love. Jetty had been asking for a doll that looks like her and I just wasn't able to find an asian doll in the style I wanted. I ended up making the girls each a doll with matching outfits. Jetty's with long black hair and Ella's with brown hair and bangs. They turned out to be a hit which makes me so happy! We also pulled my baby doll cradle out of the attic that my Dad made me. I sewed a new matress and pillows and it makes me so happy to see it in the girls room. And after telling everyone "no plastic toys" we bought the biggest piece of plastic we could find. It is a playhouse for the back yard and Doug set it up so cute. He built a wood deck and added landscaping. When I crawled inside with the girls and Ella promptly pushed me back out and shut the door behind me. I guess we need a "no adults " sign for the door.

On Christmas day the girls and I went to my parents house to celebrate. I have such a large family and the always have a great time. Thank you all for playing with the girls and your wonderful gifts. The girls are so lucky to have two families that love them so much. The girls received lots of cute matching clothes that they love and new matching Crocs which are also a big hit. Ella received some great hazelnut tree blocks with little gnome dolls. Jetty was lucky enough to get a real violin from my parents. Since she was two she has put wood spoons under her chin and pretended to play a violin. She just loves to try and play it and it is the cutest thing you have ever seen.

We feel so grateful for our family. Christmas last year was a blur and difficult. We came back from China on the 23rd. We had terrible jet-lag and a very sick baby. Christmas was truly a Joy this year and very merry!

I hope everyone has an amazing and blessed New Year!

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Ladyblog said...

The girls look so happy and beautiful. Jetty seems pretty serious about the violin. :-)
Happy New Year!