Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our Little Animal Lover

Ella has loved our two big dogs since the day we brought her home. We have two amazing dogs that put up with all her loving. Ella loves to tell sweet Hudson to sit so she can lay on him. Oh the joy of having your own little horse.


Autumn and Baba said...

Hi all!
great to see that everything is going much better and that things have leveled off for you all. :)
Ella really has changed (of course it's been awhile since we saw her...) and has become quite the beautiful spicy-girl. Jetty sounds like she's done alot of growing up herself!
We're glad you have a blog up and running. I try to write on ours when I can which can cometimes come with several days or a week or so in between don't feel so bad about just now getting yours going.
Take care and looking forward to seeing more pics and reading more!


p.s. hard to believe we're all about to come upon our one year since referral. where has the time gone?!

Ruthie said...

I have tried to post a few of my thoughts to your question on APC, but I don't know how to reply there. Please email me if you would like me to share them. Ruthie