Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We don't have the TV on much during the day at our house. There is one show I DVR and the girls will watch with me once in a blue moon and that is "Chopped". Any tv that I watch is after the girls go to bed. The other day I was working in my studio and the girls were playing with play-doh. I heard Ella say "step away from your plate and see who will be chopped". I looked up and Jetty had three lids lined up with her pretend food. Anyone who has seen the show could appreciate the cuteness. I looked at the girls and suggested we go inside and play "chopped" with real food. It was so much fun and the girls got such a kick out of playing. Just an FYI, we didn't chop anyone:) I gave them a bag with salad, crispy rice noodles, honey and a banana. Jetty made these cute little precise plates and Ella made two different plates(because she is my little rebel)and one featured a lovely cheese and honey sandwich. They both ate everything up.

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