Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time flies

There is really no excuse for my lack of posting. Well, my computer is slow as molasses and I really try to avoid getting on it as much as possible. I am saving my pennies for a newer model so the girls can use this "clunker".

Jetty has had some tests in the last two weeks and so far so good. The tests are for daily headaches she has been having for months and because of her +ANA they really needed to check her blood vessels. There was a little something on the MRI/mra that requires another test on her nerves that she will be getting this week. Poor little thing had to be sedated for the MRI and MRA which was an experience. Eight hours later we were at home and she would stand up, make a funny comment and fall on her face. The neurologist says if the nerve test is fine we just need to re-do the MRI in 2 years to check the area again. It is most likely a condition that shows up when you have Migraines. Now we are trying to find her triggers for the Migraines. She is really a trooper and never complains about anything. I feel like we have had so many Dr. appts lately but I feel like we are getting closer to an answer. We re-do her bloodwork in another month and I am hoping that a third time is the charm and all her levels will be in the normal range.


Lisa~~ said...

Poor Jetty but she is a trooper. Good luck with the next round of blood work.

Tamara said...

She looked absolutely beautiful on Sunday! Hope the nerve test goes well and you get good news.