Saturday, November 29, 2008

Studio Mess

I told myself that I would have all my projects done and this week would be just setting up for the open house. The truth is I still have many projects to finish, including another kiln firing, and my studio is a mess. It could possibly be called a disaster. I am being reminded of my days in school and how I use to tell myself that I work better under pressure. I think it is really more of a focus issue then procrastinating. Lately I am not able to focus on one project and it is wearing me down. I am not sure if I should blame age or being a Mom.

The girls and I did a benefit 4 mile run/walk this morning which was fun. The girls did great in the stroller. I don't have a double jog stroller so I had to pull them on the bike in the bike trailer then convert the trailer to a stroller for the run/walk since the bike trailer won't fit in my car. We didn't break any records (no running for my knee ever again) but we weren't last (almost).

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