Thursday, June 5, 2008

Apron swap

I joined an apron swap from this great blog. I just finished sewing it and will mail it off tomorrow to my swap buddy. I hope she likes the colors and the bird pocket. I think I might make one for myself but maybe with a cupcake. That is just what we need in this house, more aprons(hehe).

We have another sick doggy in the house. Well, actually she is acting fine but has a horrible hard lump that came up all of a sudden. The antibiotics didn't work so I took her in this morning for surgery. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I had Ella with me and we brought Murphy in the vet and put her in one of the cages in the back room. This is the heartbreaking part...As Ella and I walked out of the building she started screaming, I mean really screaming "My Murphy Now! My Murphy Home!". I tried to explain to her that she had a boo boo and the Dr. was going to fix it and we will bring her home this afternoon. In hindsight, I guess I should have done this before leaving the doggy. She kicked and screamed the whole way home for quite awhile after we were home and finally fell asleep on the couch. It was so sad.

Our other sick doggy apparently has 9 lives. He is doing great and for a few months there he was so bad we almost had him put to sleep. We had to take him off the meds because they were a couple hundred dollars a month and bad side effects. He has made a full recovery which we are very grateful.

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