Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Florida Snow

When you live in Florida and your daughter keeps asking you to go see snow you take her to this place.

The snow was actually some sort of soap bubbles. I pushed back all the thoughts of what kind of chemical was in the soap bubbles that allowed it to last for 4 hours. Since it was one of our only cold days this winter my little sensitive skin girl was all covered up.

Ella wasn't so sure about the bubbles but as you can tell from the photos, Jetty was in Heaven.

HUDSON UPDATE: Hudson is pink again! I know that is strange to say with a white dog. His belly, nose, eyes and gums were very very pale . Now we are just waiting to see if he will have to stay on the medicines


Ladyblog said...

Cute pics! Jetty has such a sweet spirit and reminds me so much of our little one!
Ella looks adorably cautious.
Take care,

Heather said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Those dolls are gorgeous (and the ones you made are wonderful, too!). I hope Hudson recovers fully. We have three furbabies and they are definitely members of the family!

fondue for five said...

We get the whole "your Florida kid wants to see snow". We live in SWFL. Looks like the girls had fun with the bubbles. Hope you pup is on the ment.


fondue for five said...

that's "MEND" . Sorry!